Backing up HTC Magic

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HTC Magic is yet another Android-powered mobile phone supporting the widest range of advanced capabilities. This device provides users with a standard suit of Google services including Gmail, Search, YouTube and Maps - use them anywhere, as they are always with you in your mobile.

Today our whole live depend on mobile phones so much that it is almost unimaginable without them. Just think of all of your messages, contacts, videos and photos made by an amazing 3.2 megapixel camera - how would you feel if you lost them all?

Creating regular backups of HTC Magic data becomes a must - you don’t want to feel this frustration about losing your precious files, do you? Data protection is important. And that’s what Handy Backup is about.

Handy Backup for Android is a simple yet reliable software solution that allows you to back up and restore data of any Android-driven device. The program is based on the same powerful architecture as in Handy Backup for PC and gives wide range of features to backup HTC Magic data:

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  • Contacts and email address book
  • SMS messages
  • Media files
  • Call logs
  • Data stored on an SD card

You can download the application through the QR code above, or by searching the Android Market for Handy Backup for Android.

About HTC Magic

HTC Magic is enhanced with such advanced HTC technologies as versatile keyboard and Smart Dialer. Versatile onscreen keyboard lets you choose one of the several preset ways of typing. Predictive text completion feature is also a perfect help in typing.

To call with Smart Dialer you can type a number or first several letters of the contact person.

With this mobile device you can take your mailbox or mailboxes wherever you go, because phone have easy account setup, multiple mailbox support and Microsoft Exchange Server synchronization for email, contact and calendar.

More About Handy Backup for Android

Handy Backup for Android has a very well-laid and user-friendly interface, easily understandable by HTC Magic beginners. Moreover, with Handy Backup for Android you can use Online Backup Service provided by our company and store your data on our highly secured online servers.

Flexible scheduler is lets you run backup tasks automatically on a regular basis: you have to set up Handy Backup for Android only once, and then the program will backup HTC Magic data automatically without any user interference.

Handy Backup for Android is completely free, and if you feel ready to back up your HTC Magic - don’t hesitate, go to the Android Market and download it! Take advantage of Handy Backup for Android and feel safe about your HTC Magic contacts, messages and media!


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