MySQL Login Scripts

MySQL Login Scripts

MySQL login scripts are vital part of software using MySQL such as websites and forums with dynamic content, business apps based on MySQL database engine or simple administering utilities. A goal of MySQL login scripts is automatically establishing connection between some software and MySQL database using login and password.

MySQL login scripts can be written using almost all languages able to connect with MySQL (through the API or by system methods) but the vast majority of these scripts are written on PHP and aimed completely on user registration through the Web-based interface.

These scripts are often equipped with such functionality as checking the number of login attempts (to prevent unauthorized connections via counting of different passwords) and sending lost user passwords via E-mail. Actually, almost all Web-based login services are not anything but these scripts.

Other technologies providing dynamic Web pages generation can be used instead of PHP to create MySQL login scripts. The logic and functionality are quite same, nonetheless. The main goal of any particular MySQL login script is to provide user with secured access to MySQL data.

Some MySQL login scripts plays administrative roles and designed for ruling and changing MySQL environment. Despite this distinction, the structure of these scripts is remembering any other MySQL login scripts.

Security of MySQL login scripts can be vulnerable. To avoid breaching security of MySQL servers and database engines, people writing and using MySQL login scripts must be careful, especially when they copy these scripts from Internet without changes and extra precautions. Most problems of MySQL login scripts are linked with too simple automatic passwords, so keep it in mind when you writing such a script!

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