Docker Automatic Backup Software Solution

Docker Backup Container

Docker backup allows saving a configuration, status and data from a Docker container. To allow Docker backup data from container, users may implement a special utility that manages “cold” Docker backup and makes an archive containing a consistent Docker backup image.

Docker Backup Service

The utility for Docker backup is a part of Docker software. To run a backup procedure, you must commit a current state of a particular Docked container using its internal commands.

# docker commit -p [container_id] [container_file]

Here container_id is an alphanumeric code of a particular container (which you can obtain by running the docker ps operation), and a container_name­ is a name for a storage where Docker will save a snapshot of your container in its current state.

Restoring a Docker Backup

To restore Docker, just run a command

# docker load -i [container_file]

Here container_file is a name of an archive that contains Docker auto backup.

Using External Software for Docker Backup Data

It is not a simple and straight task to make Docker backup externally. For example, with Handy Backup you can only operate with a Docker backup script and a resulting container image, to provide such things as Docker backup to S3, joint Docker and MySQL backup and so on.

  • To utilize Handy Backup in a chain with Docker backup tool (e.g. for making Docker incremental backup scheduled by time), just provide a Docker backup script as a command running before the task on the Step 7 of a task creation wizard.

Caveat: As Docker backup is a complex task, you cannot just take a snapshot for it, as for OpenVZ backup use case!

Need a Featured Docker Backup Solution?

If you are interested at implementing Docker backup best practices into Handy Backup, do not hesitate to write us a letter into to describe your needs and opinions. We will be glad to make a Docker backup system for you, much like VMware or Hyper-V backup!

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