Is It Possible to Selectively Restore Files from an Encrypted Archive Copy?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, no problem. To create a task to restore files and folders selectively from an encrypted backup dataset, please follow the next simple instruction:

  1. Create a new recovery task and mark the "Advanced mode".
  2. Select backup storage at Step 2 and click on a backup index file backup.hbi.

Selecting an index file for data recovery
  1. On the next step enter a password for your encrypted copy.
Password from encrypted copy during data recovery
  1. At Step 3 select files and folders to recover.
Select files and folders to recover
  1. You can also change the recovery location for selective recovery of files and folders from an encrypted archive by clicking on the "Change location" button.

Note: You cannot select a new destination for Outlook and MS Exchange plug-ins. Also, for special data types such as database and virtual machine plug-ins, a destination must match a source plug-in (e.g., you can restore a MS SQL backup only to another MSSQL server, etc.).

  1. Continue creating a task as described in the User Manual.

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