Configuring FTP Locations

FTP Locations

The FTP Configurations folder on the desktop allows you to add FTP locations, to use these FTP servers in different backup and restore tasks. To create a new FTP location, follow these steps:

Creating New FTP Location

  1. On the desktop, open FTP Configurations.
  2. Click Create on the window toolbar. The Create FTP dialog opens.
  3. In the Id field, enter a name for a location as you want to see it in My Computer
  4. In the Host field, specify an IP address, or a hostname of an FTP server.
  5. Specify Login and Password for authorizing on the server.
  6. When finished, click OK.

After you provide all required data, you will need to confirm the creation of a new FTP location by clicking Save.

FTP locations automatically appear in My Computer. You can use these locations in Backup and Restore tasks as common folders.

FTP Configurations

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