Installing Handy Backup on OS Linux

For now, the only type of tested Linux distributives are those based on Debian/Ubuntu package types (i.e. on .deb files). Please read the instruction carefully before installing Handy Backup components!

Adding a Repository

For Debian/Ubuntu, you must firstly add a repository to the list, to avoid the warnings about missing key during installation. Download a key using the terminal command:


Add this key to the apt utility with a command:

apt-key add

Note: For Ubuntu 14.04, add the next string to the end of the file /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb trusty main

Then execute the next command:

apt-get update

Now you are ready for installation. To install both Server and Workstation components of Handy Backup, please execute the following command:

apt-get install hb7

For installing the Workstation component only, the command must be:

apt-get install hb-ws

And for the Server only, the command is:

apt-get install hb-server

Executing and Controlling the Program on OS Linux

For controlling Handy Backup, you will need Handy Backup Client. You can either use a remote Windows machine with a Handy Backup Client installed to control a Linux host, or install a Client directly upon Linux using Wine.

Using Remote Control

As a prerequisite, add an IP address and a host name of a machine containing Handy Backup Server to the file /etc/hosts. (To check an IP address, run ifconfig, and then execute the command hostname.)

An example of a string added for a sample P003 server: PC003

Restart Handy Backup:

sudo invoke-rc.d hbserver restart && sudo invoke-rc.d hbworkstation restart

Then run Handy Backup Client. In the appearing window, enter an IP of a computer and click "Apply". After all, click “Connect”.

Installing and Running on Wine

To obtain Wine, just install an appropriate version:

sudo apt-get install wine

After installing Wine, you can install Handy Backup.

  1. Run a Handy Backup installation package for Windows (HandyBackupClient.msi)
  2. Follow the sequence attempted by the Installation Wizard, until finishing setup.

To start a Client via Terminal, execute the next command:

wine "C:/Program Files/Novosoft/Handy Backup 7/BackupClient.exe"

As an alternative, use the icon appearing in the “Applications” menu.

If you are Installing the Workstation Only

This action requires some extra configuration measures. The default location for all configuration and options files is the ~/.hb7 directory.

Open the configuration file ~/.hb7/Settings/Services/workstation.hbl. Then, in the field coordinator_host you must write a name of a computer with the operating Management Panel, a main server for Handy Backup network editions.

Note: The configuration file is a common XML file. You can modify it by any text editor such as vi or emacs. Check also that you have rights to modify this file.

After modifying the file, restart the workstation using the following command:

sudo invoke-rc.d hbworkstation restart

Appendix: The List of Supported Commands

Server: Workstation:

sudo invoke-rc.d hbserver start

sudo invoke-rc.d hbserver stop

sudo invoke-rc.d hbserver restart

sudo invoke-rc.d hbworkstation start

sudo invoke-rc.d hbworkstation stop

sudo invoke-rc.d hbworkstation restart

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