Version 7.10: The New Dedicated Gmail Plug-in

March 27, 2018

Dear customers! We are proud to tell you that we are releasing a newest version 7.10 of Handy Backup.

Besides the traditional improvements to speed, stability and data protection, this new version contains a completely new "Gmail" plug-in, which is dedicated for Gmail backup and restore.

Gmail Backup Tool

Advantages of the Gmail Plug-in

Users of the popular Gmail service often have a need for backing up their messages and folders. The new "Gmail" plug-in automatically connects with Gmail accounts and provides both Gmail backup and restoration using the server API and the IMAP protocol to support reliable, secure data exchange between a Gmail account and selected data storage for backup.

Quick create a Gmail backup task

Due to quick setup and high reliability, users can now quickly make Gmail backup and restore tasks with Handy Backup.

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