Version 7.9.10: Improved FTP and Google Drive Plug-ins, Refined Czech Localization

February 19, 2018

Dear customers! We are presenting you Handy Backup 7.9.10! This new version has many crucial improvements and advantages, including speeding up some internal algorithms, solving the problems of connection between Windows 10 and Google Drive, providing options for using data deletion and long paths in the FTP plug-in, and bringing to users the refined Czech localization of the program GUI.

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Backup on FTP and Google Drive

New Capabilities of the FTP Plug-in

In the version 7.9.10, the FTP plug-in allows deleting files and folders from a storage if this need will emerge in a particular task (for example, to rotate backup versions). In addition, the FTP commands for the plug-in now support long paths to files and folders in the storage.

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Avoiding Google Drive Connection Problems

The new version of Handy Backup allows overriding the connectivity problems between Windows 10 and Google Drive. Handy Backup 7.9.10 uses the advanced algorithm of redirecting the protocol, allowing using Google Drive with Windows 10 as an efficient data source and storage and keeping stable connections with this popular cloud backup solution.

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Improved Czech Localization

Finally, Handy Backup 7.9.10 contains improved localizations of the program graphical user interface (GUI) for Czech language. Improving different localizations is a crucial part of job for the Handy Backup Team, as we are aiming to make our software most convenient for all the people in the world!

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