Version 7.14: Updated E-mail and Database Plug-ins, Enhanced Task Triggering by System Events

June 25, 2018

Dear customers! We are proud to present you the newest version 7.14 of our Handy Backup!

The main upgrades of this new version are the renewed Database plug-in, which can save data from any database via an appropriate ODBC driver, and the enhanced E-Mail plug-in for email backup via IMAP.

We also update the interface of task scheduling step in a part of task triggering by some system events, such as logon or logoff.

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Mail and Database Backup Software

Renewed Database and E-Mail Plug-ins

The plug-ins for ODBC database backup and for email IMAP backup directly from a mail server are faster and more reliable in the Handy Backup 7.14. The user interfaces for both plug-ins remain the same as in earlier versions, making all the tasks already created totally compatible with renewed plug-ins and allowing managing many types of databases and email backup services.

Learn more about Database Backup Software.

Updated Triggering for Task Schedule

Running a task when log on or log out of the system

The new version of the task triggering interface component is a bit more convenient than before, speeding up the task setup process by programming a task reaction on such events as user logon to a system or exiting from an OS.

Just by one click, you can set up or remove a trigger for running your backup, recovery or synchronization task when such system event will occur!

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