Version 7.12: The OneDrive for Business Plug-in

April 23, 2018

OneDrive for Business Backup

Dear customers! We are proud to announce the new update of Handy Backup to the version 7.12, which contains the dedicated plug-in for backup OneDrive for Business.

Now, with this plug-in at hand, you can back up your OneDrive for Business account where you want, or restore some data from OneDrive for Business backup copy, or even use your OneDrive for Business as the destination for some other backup tasks and datasets.

The OneDrive for Business Backup Plug-in

This easy-to-use, dedicated plug-in allows you using your Microsoft OneDrive for Business accounts as any other cloud storage in Handy Backup (such as Google Drive Backup or a simple OneDrive account). It means that you can now:

  • Backup OneDrive for Business account data to some other place;
  • Restore or clone your backups to OneDrive for Business as to any other storage;
  • Synchronize your data between a particular OneDrive for Business account and other storage;
  • Use OneDrive for Business as a vault for backup from some other data source.

The last option can be even more attractive because Handy Backup stores unencrypted data copies with preserved native file formats, allowing using these backup files just from the OneDrive for Business account for browsing, editing, deleting or even manually restoring the file copies!

The "OneDrive for Business" plug-in provides the same simple interface for connecting and using as for most cloud services in Handy Backup. Using this plug-in requires no special skills or knowledge. Let you update your Handy Backup to the version 7.12 or greater, and utilize the brand new option for your needs without an extra effort!

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