Version 7.8.1: New Plug-in for Dropbox Cloud Storage

June 15, 2016

Dear customers! Let us present you a new Handy Backup 7.8.1, which introduces a newest Dropbox plug-in feature. This dedicated feature has a capability to backup Dropbox in a direct way, without using external drivers, utilities and Web bridge services. It greatly reduces time and system load to perform Dropbox backup and restore with any dataset, from Wordpress backup to Dropbox to backing up account from Dropbox to some external hard drive.

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Version 8.5.2 , built on January 16, 2024. 116 MB

Advantages of Dropbox Plug-in

Dropbox backup

Instead of working with third-party utilities or a Dropbox local folder on your computer, a new plug-in directly copies files to or from Dropbox.

It can save any data to a Dropbox account using it as a worldwide-accessible backup vault, or, reversely, copy all Dropbox content or a particular dataset (e.g.: photo collection) online to another storage such as NAS, FTP or just a Windows library on a local computer.

Since Dropbox is one of most used clouds everywhere, along with Google Drive and OneDrive services, a tool for backup to Dropbox can add significantly to a toolkit of any modern IT user.

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