Version 7.8: Google Drive Plug-in, TLS Encryption for FTPS  and Email Service Passwords

May 16, 2016

Dear friends! We are introducing a newest Handy Backup 7.8, including many crucial improvements.

The biggest of these new options is a dedicated Google Drive backup feature, and we add some options for using TLS encryption for different goals such as backup to FTPS and email notification with TLS-protected mail services, too.

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Google Drive Plug-in

Google Drive Plugin

This new version introduces a dedicated Google Drive plug-in, allowing using your Google Drive account as either a data source or a backup destination. With this new feature, you can save or upload it to Google Drive, one of biggest, most popular cloud services in the world. The new feature saves your time, hard disk space and efforts, effectively connecting Handy Backup to Google Drive.

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New Options for TLS Encryption

The version 7.8 allows connection with mail services using TLS for password encryption, making these services eligible for sending automatic notifications about backup tasks. It also uses the TLS encrypting algorithm in an “FTPS” feature, allowing using TLS to protect data when backup to FTP using the FTPS method of protected data transferring.

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