Version 8.0.6: Allowing the # Character in FTP, Optimizing Interface

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October 01, 2019

Dear customers! We are updating our Handy Backup software to version 8.0.6!

This new version utilizes an enhanced graphical user interface (GUI) with some new localized additions, and also allows using the prohibited character “#” in data names for FTP freely.

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Version 8.5.0 , built on September 19, 2023. 116 MB

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Interface Enhancements

Handy Backup 8.0.6 always shows a main window after manual restart, regardless of circumstances of previous starts (such as execution as privileged process, using it as Windows service or batch run). It allows always accessing to all interface components after a manual or forced restart. In addition, the new version provides localizations for short log messages in most common languages for a GUI.

Using the Prohibited “#” Character in FTP Data Names

The new version of Handy Backup allows freely using the prohibited “#” character for FTP-related data. This option allows avoiding name-related errors during copying to or from FTP storage. It is no sort of “screening” or replacing such names; instead, this character now is completely “legal” for FTP connections used by Handy Backup!

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