Version 8.1.2: Enhancing NAS Connections and Upgrading Centralized Installation Features

February 25, 2020

Dear friends! We are releasing an update of our Handy Backup software to the new version 8.1.2!

In this version, we are enhancing connection capabilities with NAS units. In addition, we are providing some new features for the centralized Network Agent deployment tool of the Server Network solution.

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Enhancing Centralized Installation Features

Handy Backup 8.1.2 provides some enhancements for the centralized deployment utility that allows configuring and installing Network Agents directly from the central console. These enhancements are mainly system-level features, including providing a stable connection port, reducing crash risks, localization of some systems log messages and other. Still, these features can make centralized installation much more convenient, fast and reliable than in the previous version.

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Optimizing NAS Connections

The new version 8.1.2 of Handy Backup contains more stable and efficient engine for connecting to NAS via local networks, allowing NAS backup for both protected and unprotected units. It supports much more models and protocol components, reducing a risk of eventual crash or connection loss during backup and recovery operations.

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