Version 8.2.1: Updating PostgreSQL and Computer plugins

January 18, 2021

PostgreSQL Backup Software

Dear customers! We are Introducing the new version of Handy Backup. In version 8.2.1, the work of the plugin for backing up PostgreSQL databases has been improved. The plugin now works flawlessly on newer PostgreSQL versions.

For the Computer plugin, the ability to pre-clean the backup storage folder has been added.

Key changes in the new version

MySQL 8.x.x Compatibility

Optimization of the PostgreSQL Plugin Algorithms

Now connection to PostgreSQL databases is stable. Some users have had difficulty working with the latest PostgreSQL versions. Handy Backup 8.2.1 fixes the problem.

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Clearing storage before creating a backup in the Computer plugin

A new feature has been added to the Computer plugin due to our users′ numerous requests. Now, when creating a backup task, you can clear the destination folder in which the backups will be stored.

Clearing storage before creating a backup in the Computer plugin

Basically, this need appears when backing up data to a NAS device. The function allows users not to worry about any other data in the folder besides the current backup. In addition, the function can be used to clean up the folder with a versioned backup.

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