Version 8.2: Enhanced MySQL Plug-in

October 04, 2020

Dear customers! Let us present the updated Handy Backup 8.2, containing completely renewed and enhanced MySQL plug-in, with such features as support for MySQL 8 and different types of password authentication for DBMS.

Besides that major update, the new version contains several optimizations and enhancements for different internal algorithms.

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Version 8.5.0 , built on September 19, 2023. 116 MB

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Key Features of Renewed MySQL Plug-in

MySQL 8.x.x Compatibility

MySQL 8.x.x Compatibility

In Handy Backup 8.2, the renewed MySQL plug-in has a native support for connections with MySQL servers of any version under 8.x.x. Now it can make MySQL backup with this newest server software version without any problem!

Renewed Password Authentication

Renewed Password Authentication

The new version has a completely remastered algorithm of MySQL connection with password authentication, which allows using this connection with any password types. This will enhance compatibility of backup and restore tasks between different MySQL servers.

Enhanced Plug-in Compatibility with 32-bit Windows and MySQL Software

Enhanced Plug-in Compatibility with 32-bit Windows and MySQL Software

For using MySQL on older server types, Handy Backup 8.2 enhances the functionality of MySQL plug-in and different linked utilities based on 32-bit Windows architecture.

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