Version 8.1.3: Enhanced WebDAV with UTF Support, Optimized Internal Algorithms

August 18, 2020

Dear friends! We are glad to tell you about release of a new Handy Backup version 8.1.3!

In this version, the plug-in for WebDAV backup supports names and resources using UTF. The renewed Task Wizard allows enhanced creation of backup, recovery and synchronization tasks.

In addition, the version 8.1.3 contains over 300 enhancements and optimizations for different internal algorithms of Handy Backup.

WebDAV Backup Software

UTF Support for WebDAV Plug-in

The standard WebDAV backup plug-in now can use names and resource addresses provided in UTF. This type of encoding is very popular throughout Internet, and using UTF together with WebDAV can substantially expand the area of implementation of this plug-in for different cloud services.

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Optimizations for Algorithms and Features

Handy Backup 8.1.3 contains several renewed and optimized algorithms, including these for built-in features, graphical user interface (GUI) and the New Task Wizard. These optimizations allow even more stable, fast and convenient work than earlier. Some additional enhancements, such as improved localization of error messages, can further advance comfortability of all operations with the program.

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