Version 8.2.4: Enhanced Usability, New Installer and Updated Long Log Processing

May 20, 2021

Computer Backup Software

Dear customers! We are proud to say that we are just releasing an updated version of Handy Backup - 8.2.4!

Here, you will find a completely new installer, which will be more convenient and efficient than earlier, as well as a bit renewed graphical interface to enhance overall usability. In addition, Handy Backup 8.2.4 works more conveniently with big logs.

The Renewed Installer

Handy Backup 8.2.4 contains an updated installation program. It looks more modern, works faster and contains lesser distractions than previous versions of our files and folders backup tool. It can be very useful for serial installation, such as when administering a big amount of computers, but also it adds to convenience of every individual user.

Enhanced Usability

The version 8.2.4 has some updates in the user interface (GUI) to eliminate obsolete controls, simplify the overall usability and make an interface of our data backup solution looking more modern. These updates and changes are quite minor, requiring no learning or making new “how-to” instructions. Still, these changes add to both style and reliability of the program.

Assuring Big Log Size Operations

In the new version of Handy Backup, we fix some rare problems with too long operational logs. Now, you can write and use the automatic backup logs of any size without making unnecessary actions to get these logs into use. Read, control and analyze all your task results without problems!

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