MSSQL Replication Software for SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016

SQL Server replication allows making an exact copy of some MS SQL database in some another place (other server). For MS SQL server replication serves multiple purposes, from making test databases to mirroring a parallel project. Handy Backup allows automatic MSSQL replication by the dedicated plug-in.

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SQL Server Replication

Try the database replication SQL Server just now by downloading a Handy Backup for a 30-day free trial period!

SQL Data Replication with Handy Backup

MS SQL Server replication in Handy Backup contains the two stages:

  • MS SQL Server Backup.
  • Automatic SQL Server replication by restoring it from backup to another place.

Note: A significant advantage of SQL replication by such method is an automatic creation of a backup database copy, which a user can utilize to another replication, to restore data after some error or for any other purpose.

Creating a Task for SQL Database Replication

To create a related pair of tasks for SQL replication software, please use the next instruction.

  1. Open Handy Backup and create a new backup task.
  2. Select the MSSQL plug-in in the Database group on the Step 2.
  3. Select databases for SQL Server replication.
Creating a backup task for MS SQL replication
  1. On the Step 6, schedule a regular SQL backup!
  2. On the final step, give your task a name.
  3. Now create an auto recovery task for SQL Server data replication.
  4. On the Step 2, select the file backup.hbi in your database backup storage.
  5. On the Step 3, click "Change location" and select a new place for SQL database replication.
Recovery task for MS SQL replication
  1. On the Step 5, schedule your recovery task by an appropriate interval for SQL replication.
  2. On the final step, give a name for your paired task. Well done! Your set of SQL Server replication tasks is ready now!

An advice: Always schedule your recovery task to start at a time after the linked backup task will surely complete. If you are giving an insufficient time to save your data before replication, you may end up with an inconsistent replication image!

Advantages of Handy Backup as SQL Replication Software

Full Automation

Once set up, the SQL replication software tasks will work at fully automated mode, according to schedule and dataset, unless you will change some parameters for these tasks! In addition, the plug-in will work for SQL Server 2016 replication equally efficiently as with Server 2014, 2012 or 2008 versions.

Automatic MS SQL databases replication
Hot SQL Database Replication

Hot SQL Database Replication

Handy Backup allows MSSQL replication in a hot mode, without stopping the DBMS. This allows make more convenient replication for users, as well as more efficient for making jobs. See more about hot backup techniques.

Security of SQL Database Replication and Content

Online MS SQL Server replication by such storages as SFTP/FTPS servers or Amazon S3 cloud supports secured data transfer, excluding data interception. In addition, users can protect their SQL Server replication databases by an internal encryption tool.

Sources of backup storage

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