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Generally speaking, for any backup solution it’s going to be about the flexibility to use ANY media, speed and set it and forget it. I personally prefer online solutions. They are fast, easy to configure and give you a level of redundancy by making the data available from anywhere and any device. I did see that Handy Backup was moving in that direction which is good.

Client feedback from Jeff, Spiceworks, IT-Community

Pretty handy and possibly does a great job!

Knox Lively, Spiceworks, IT-Community, Client

This software has worked great for the past few years. We upgraded to get better performance and compatibility with newer operating systems.

Client feedback from Reece Wilkinson

I’ve been using this software for years. I love it. I'm a web developer and if I make a mistake, I can just on in and grab the file from the backup.

Donald Lindsey, Client

I am software developer and decision maker as well! Your description of IT Pro leaves out what I do - independent IT support - amongst others. Handy Backup comes with good recommendations from professional colleagues.

Client feedback from Antonio Julio Manresa

Very Good software easy to use and does what its supposed to do. Love it!

A.Fabian, IT Administrator, Client, October 19, 2010

I’ve been an IT pro for a few years now. I have used this software for many small business clients and I decided that it was the best backup solution for backing up my father’s small business as well.

CF-Systems Engineer

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