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Windows backup scripts is one of the reasons for today’s situation in the backup software niche leaves us to hope for the best. Way too many users do not pay attention at the proprietary offerings at all, uncompromisingly sticking to the free solutions (Windows 7 backup batch file, for instance). Let’s try to understand why the things turn out this way.

Handy Backup Standard

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Handy Backup Standard

Download Standard and see how the Windows backup script below stands against a specialized software!

Why Should Anyone Use the Windows cmd Script

Some people who are into software development can create their personal Windows backup solutions just out of curiosity. While being highly educative and, generally, fun, this can eat lots of your time with the final result being unclear.

The reason which should also be considered is the high degree of customization. For several very specific data-reserving situations the proprietary solution doesn’t show at the surface quickly. So, writing your own Windows backup script might seem simpler than going for the right backup plug-in of a proprietary software solution.

Handy Backup vs Windows Backup Script

So, we see the current approach for backups is no use. One has to explore different backup types of stuff and not only Windows cmd scripts, if she wants to get any results. The data reserving field is, by all means, a no-exception. On the other hand, a closed mindset always does lead to disastrous consequences.

The situation NEEDS to be changed, and Handy Backup is accepting the challenge. Right now we are going to show you that our product easily does everything the popular scripts do, but our solutions are far simpler and better.

We do so by letting you check out one of the famous on-line Windows backup scripts as well as our latest Handy Backup (hot!) absolutely free. By this you can compare both approaches and choose the only one, which suits you best.

Free Download

Version 8.5.0, built on September 19, 2023
116 MB

For instance, let’s explore the features of Daily Backup, which is a Windows backup script intended for uploading files to the FTP server.

The source code is right here: download Daily FTP Backup Script

Note: this script was not tested by Novosoft. Please understand the risks as you decide to use it.

What the script does: this one firstly creates an archive with current system date of the specified folder/files then it opens a FTP connection. After this it browses to a particular folder on the server to put the created archive into it.

Script author: Vaibhav3306, Network/Systems Administrator Novire Technologies Pvt Ltd.


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