SBS 2011 Backup: How to Save Small Business Server Data

Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 backup technologies bases on two approaches: utilizing native tools or using third-party solutions. Each method has some advantages, but user may want to select the most effective tool that can save all SBS 2011 backup information without an effort.

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Native SBS 2011 Backup Solution

SBS 2011 backup software is a next level of evolution compared to previous editions such as SBS 2003 or 2008. Microsoft advances for the needs of small business, simplifying the process of SBS 2011 backup operations and including some extra features such as multiple target dives.

Key Advantages

Key AdvantagesThe SBS 2011 backup utility, based on well-trusted SBS 2008 backup tool, is an integral part of SBS 2011 software package. It is readily available for immediate use and has a sufficient speed and stability for business-level tasks.

Quirks to be Mentioned

The problem of SBS 2011 is a limited selection of data to be backed up. These data are strongly linked with Microsoft products, you are able to backup Exchange data, MS SQL and MS Access but not MySQL, Oracle, websites or other server products.

Note: This native backup utility has one minor flaw not fixed yet. SBS 2011 fails utilizing Volume Shadow Copying service (VSS) adequately, and this does it prone to crash in some crucial situations, especially when performing hot backups of database structures or virtual machines.

Handy Backup Small Business Edition

Handy Backup Small Business tool is dedicated to suit the needs of small business or home office. It can automatically create SBS 2011 backup to network drive or commercial cloud, as well as to FTP, SFTP or FTPS server or to any type of local drives and other storage media.

Key Advantages

Key AdvantagesAll data types existed, not only Microsoft-based, may be backed up and restored automatically. Data are stored in native format for using it without restore of backups. Scheduling, E-mail notification, encryption and compression complete the list of feats.

Note: Handy Backup Small Business does not scratch backup destinations, using the free space available on these devices for backups instead.

Organize Your Workflow by Yourself

Organize WorkflowHandy Backup Small Business is not a part of any other package, and must be installed and used separately (but it contains the feature of executing some other pograms or scripts before or after the particular task, allowing linking it in a workflow).

Comparing Solutions: Native vs. 3rd-Party

Differences between the native tool and Handy Backup Small Business summarized in the table.

Feature / Product SBS 2011 Backup Tool Handy Backup Small Business
What to backup?

Microsoft-based application data (MS SQL, Exchange, Access etc.)

Windows system files

Entire Windows volumes

Virtual machine data

User-defined folders and files

Windows system files

Entire disk images

Different databases including Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and any ODBC-based engine


FTP / SFTP / FTPS content

Cloud content

User directories


User-defined data

Where to backup?

Empty external drive (formatted before backup)

Local and external drives

Backup to NAS

FTP / SFTP / FTPS servers

Amazon S3

Other commercial cloud services

Dedicated Handy Backup storage service (HBdrive)

How to backup?

Full or incremental backup

Scheduling backups

Full, incremental or differential backup

"Hot" backup information from any products allowing it

Scheduling backups

Running tasks as Windows service

Running other utilities before or after backup

Compressing and encrypting data if needed

Using time stamps

E-mail notifications

Creating backup logs

How to restore?

Full restoration only

Start the restoration process

Full or incremental restoration

Selecting data needed to restore

Scheduling restoration

Running other utilities before or after restoration

Ability to select and copy some data from backups manually

Synchronizing data

How to use backup data?

Restore only

Data are saved in original form and can be used in backups directly

Operating with data via file manager or script

Automated restoration

Table 1. Differences between the native SBS 2011 backup software and the Handy Backup Small Business solution.

The difference list shows that SBS 2011 backup fails to satisfy the needs of user when matters touch the big, complex infrastructure based on not only Microsoft products and solutions.

Alternatively, Handy Backup Small Business edition extends the possibilities, allowing user backing up any data – anywhere!

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