Plug-ins: Windows Registry, Applications, Disk Image, Database Backup, etc.

Backup plug-in system implemented in Handy Backup is what makes it so powerful. The software is available in five editions differing in functionality and data that can be backed up:

  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Small Business
  • Server Network

The procedure of adding data to backup task is made through selecting plug-ins (see Step 2: What To Backup in the User Manual). Each plug-in “knows” everything about data you want to back up:

Selecting Outlook Backup

Selecting Outlook Backup plug-in

The following options are available in any edition:

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Besides these plug-ins, our software has multiple advanced features that are available starting with particular edition.

In Professional Edition and Higher

Features available starting from the Professional edition:

  • Image Backup - this plug-in allows creating a complete HDD backup which contains all drive contents including operating system data and all information that is not represented as files.
  • ODBC Database Backup is a general plug-in for hot backup and recovery of tables of ODBC-compatible databases.
  • Backup to SFTP - this feature allows selecting secure SFTP servers as storage locations
  • Backup to FTPS - you can store backups at FTPS servers
  • Backup to Amazon S3 - keep data at popular cloud storage service
  • Disaster Recovery - this module lets you create bootable USB drive to rescue your PC after disasters

In Small Business Edition and Higher

Features available starting from the Small Business edition:

In Server Network Edition

The Server Network edition is a solution for centralized enterprise backup, when you control backups of an entire corporate network from a single server.

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Licensing Policy

Each user is free to choose any combination of features that he wants to use. The smallest set of features is defined by functionality of the Standard edition which can be upgraded with whatever function at any time. To add certain ability, you need to order it as an additional upgrade.

Note: In our software, the term upgrade doesn’t imply installation of new or modification of the original software. When you purchase an upgrade, you don’t get any software packs to update the program: what you receive is an update of your registration key in our customer database (e.g. the information about the features your serial number allows using in Handy Backup). To enable a feature after buying an upgrade, simply re-register the program with the same key.

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