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Email Backup Services

Email backup services for Web mail solutions that were popular but now in decline, as well as for prosperous but unpopular services (e.g. regional email providers) are at high demand: some users want to migrate, when other just want to save their emails. The answer is Handy Backup!

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Advantages of Email Backup Services by Handy Backup

Universal Approach: All Email Backup Services in Same Format!

Regardless of an email service provider that you will use, you are utilizing the same E-Mail plug-in that stores separate messages in the unified EML format and uses the IMAP protocol for accessing any Web mail server. Thus, you can freely migrate from one service to another, or automatically process backups.

All Email
Automatic Email Backup Services

Scheduled Jobs and Complete Automation!

You can schedule your email backup actions to run at an exact time, as well as to repeat by an exact interval from a single minute to a couple of months. You may also link the email backup service job to some system event. In any case, all actions (with pre-defined connection settings) will be automatic.

Uncompromised Data Security and Advanced Backup Control!

You can compress or encrypt your mails backup with internal algorithms, or use any external utilities (grabbers, encryption managers etc.) for any purposes before or after email backup. In addition, you can use partial (incremental, different or mixed) backup to save time and storage space.

ZIP and Encryption Backup

Other Features of Handy Backup

In addition to the crucial feature list above, Handy Backup provides some other advantages and features for users of its email backup services, such as:

  • Making time stamps for backup folders to find of a particular data copy;
  • Sending notes and reports to an email, informing users about current tasks;
  • A possibility to run as Windows service, to make no distractions for a user;
  • Saving any other data types along with email backups.

Learn more Backup Features.

Backup Features

Tuning the E-Mail Plug-in to Different Services for Backup

This plug-in is available with all editions of Handy Backup, and locates in the E-Mail data source group on the Step 2 of backup task wizard. Please read an article about email backup to learn the principles of using this plug-in. In any case, to get an access to some email backup service, you must configure it.

Email Backup Service with Email Plug-in

Zoho Mail Backup

To set up a connection for Zoho mail backup, use the next settings:

  • Server:
  • Port: 993
  • Connection type: TLS
Zoho Mail Backup Backup Backup

To set up a connection with the service, use the next settings:

  • Server:
  • Port: 993 (protected) or 143 (unprotected)
  • Connection type: TLS (for port 993)

GMX Backup

To connect with GMX mail account, please use the next settings:

  • Server:
  • Port: 993
  • Connection type: SSL
GMX Backup Backup and Migration is almost abandoned nowadays; therefore, you may want to migrate from instead of just use its email backup services. In any case, you cannot connect it via IMAP. Instead, use some local client backup (such as Thunderbird backup) to download content via POP3, and then use it. Backup and Migration

Note: To operate with Excite backup content with utmost efficiency, your chosen local client must support the EML message format. This will allow you to recover Excite mails to another mail server by sending the folders with EML messages to another account by using the IMAP protocol!

ProtonMail Backup

This is another case that can cause some problems. The ProtonMail uses some bridge sites and software to connect with different local clients; therefore, to set up a ProtonMail backup task, you must previously connect to it via the one of these local clients, and then operate with a local ProtonMail copy!

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