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Handy Backup is the top-notch e-mail backup software as it features super easy step-by-step wizard for creating backups of your letters. With Handy Backup you can prevent your mailbox from loss, no matter what web mail server or messaging client you use!

The utility has a special feature for accomplishing e-mail backup which interacts directly with an online mail server (for example, it can be used for BTmail backup). Email backup tasks can run either on demand, or automatically on a scheduled basis. Also, you can create complete backups of Outlook accounts with all contacts and e-mails.

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Features of E-mail Backup

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The Email Messages option available during creation of a backup task allows you to back up emails from a web server accessible through POP3 protocol. You only need to input your account info, i.e. mail server address, port, login and password, and the inbox will be added to the backup set. It is also possible to instantly check if the account details were specified correctly by clicking Check Settings.

Besides backing up emails, other Handy Backup features there are the following:

  • Outlook backup. You may choose to select Outlook during the task creation and back up your Outlook/Outlook Express/Windows Mail account. All data will be located and added to the task absolutely automatically.
  • Backup scheduling. You can set whatever schedule you like, and have your email backup performed automatically not requiring any additional actions.
  • Backup as a Windows service. If you are looking for a set-and-forget email backup solution, Handy Backup is right for you! The utility can be run as a Windows NT service, operating absolutely invisibly in the background.

To learn more about Handy Backup, refer to the complete list of backup features of our software...

Please refer to E-mail Box Backup for more help on email backup topic that is available in the User Manual.

Handy Backup is your number one choice for email backups!

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