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Cloud to cloud backup involves backing up data from one cloud service to another, adding an extra layer of protection for digital assets. It ensures crucial files are safeguarded against data loss or disruptions, allowing seamless replication between cloud environments, mitigating risks like outages or cyber attacks.

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Cloud to Cloud Backup Software

Why Handy Backup Cloud to Cloud Backup?

Here are four key advantages that distinguish Handy Backup as an indispensable solution for seamless and secure data management:

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Advanced Backup Options

Incremental and differential backup options for С2С backup ensure efficient storage space utilization by backing up only changes made since the last backup. This minimizes backup time and reduces network bandwidth usage.

C2C automated backup


Users can automate the entire backup process, scheduling regular backups without manual intervention. This automation saves time and ensures consistent and reliable backups.

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Timestamping and Versioning

The timestamping functionality enables users to track when each backup was performed. When combined with versioning, this feature allows users to access previous versions of files, ensuring accountability in data management.

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Compression and Encryption

Compression and encryption techniques are employed to optimize storage space and enhance data security during С2С backup process. This ensures the safety of backed-up data, guarding against unauthorized access or interception.

Backup from Cloud VS Backup to Cloud

Backup from Cloud

Backup from the cloud offers flexible data access, automated processes, and enhanced data security. With data backed up directly from cloud services, users benefit from convenient access to their data from anywhere with internet connectivity. Automation streamlines the backup process, allowing for regular backups without manual intervention. Crucially, data is securely stored in reliable cloud repositories, safeguarding against loss or damage.

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Backup to Cloud

Backing up data to cloud storage offers users numerous advantages. The scalability of cloud storage enables flexible adjustments to accommodate changing data storage requirements. Data stored in the cloud is shielded by robust security measures, including encryption and redundant storage, ensuring its safety and integrity. Therefore, backup to cloud presents a reliable and efficient solution for data backup and storage needs.

FAQ on Cloud to Cloud Backup

  1. How can cloud to cloud backup help?

C2C backup offers several benefits, including data redundancy, disaster recovery preparedness, and seamless data migration between cloud platforms. It ensures that your valuable digital assets are securely backed up, protecting against data loss or service disruptions.

  1. What is the difference between cloud to cloud backup and cloud to cloud sync?

While C2C backup focuses on creating backups of data stored in one cloud platform and storing them in another for redundancy and security purposes, cloud to cloud sync involves continuous synchronization between cloud services to ensure they are always up-to-date and consistent.

  1. Why do businesses need cloud to cloud backup?

Businesses rely on C2C backup to safeguard their critical data from various threats, including hardware failures, cyber attacks, accidental deletions, and service outages. Additionally, it provides compliance with data protection regulations, ensures business continuity, and facilitates efficient data management and scalability.

  1. What is the difference between cloud backup and cloud storage?

Cloud backup involves creating copies of data stored on local systems or other cloud platforms and storing them in the cloud for backup and recovery purposes. On the other hand, cloud storage refers to the provision of space on remote servers to store data securely, typically for primary data storage and access purposes.

  1. Which cloud services are supported by different versions of Handy Backup?

The Standard version supports most cloud services (refer to the comparison table for details), while the Professional, Small Business and Server Network versions support all advertised cloud services.

Small Windows Logo Download for Free

Version 8.5.4 , built on June 13, 2024. 116 MB
30-day full-featured trial period

Explore the seamless efficiency of cloud to cloud backup solutions today by downloading our 30-day trial version. Start safeguarding your data with ease and confidence.

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