Newest Version was Successfully Tested for Compatibility with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

August 14, 2017

Handy Backup Software for Linux

Dear friends! We are completed the testing for perfect compatibility between the newest version of Handy Backup and the popular Ubuntu 16.04 distributive of OS Linux!

The series of tests approved the full compatibility and smooth interchanging between the two products, bringing Handy Backup to more Ubuntu users as perfect Linux backup software for servers and personal computers. Handy Backup can serve you at anytime and anywhere you will want to perform Ubuntu backup tasks.

Extended Linux Backup Compatibility

As for previous versions, new Linux backup software has its own repository to install and auto update when bringing a new release. You can use this dedicated repository for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or for any Ubuntu-based distros of OS Linux, e.g. for Linux Mint 17, without (or with only slight) tuning.

As the Ubuntu 16.04 is a system for a long-term service (LTS), you can use Handy Backup for important and crucial tasks (such as Linux server backup) for a long time, without a doubt for incompatibility or inconsistence of this Ubuntu backup software solution.

The Architecture of Ubuntu Backup Solution

The two main components of Handy Backup, called Client and Server, are fully compatible with Linux, running natively under Ubuntu 16.04 without a need for emulation or bridge software. The third component, containing a GUI, requires running either on a remote Windows machine or under the Wine emulator.

This is a deliberate restriction, allowing keeping all the visual components of a user interface looking the same for Windows and Linux, which gives a significantly relief for an administrator who backs up many data in heterogeneous infrastructures.

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