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Ubuntu backup is one of the milestones we set for ourselves on the road to the ultimate cross-platform backup solution. Why Ubuntu? Because it is cool. And powerful. And has a solid user base that is growing.

Making backup plug-ins for Ubuntu is about the same difficulty as for any other Linux system, but testing and packaging is much easier – so we can finish the product faster.

Handy Backup for Ubuntu will be installed using a common Package Installer, just like any other application you can find in Software Center. It will have the same powerful architecture that we have in Windows version, including client-server model, plug-ins, licensing scheme, etc.

And even more, it will be absolutely compatible with other versions – for example, you will be able to add Ubuntu Workstations to Handy Backup Server Network running in Windows environment.

On this page you can learn about the concept of Ubuntu backup, some technical details and current state of the project.

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Cross-Platform Backup

To understand our implementation of a cross-platform backup, let’s take a look at Handy Backup’s architecture. The software consists of several components, most important of which are called Server and Workstation:

  • Workstation is responsible for all data retrieval, processing and storage operations. It comes equipped with a number of plug-ins of several types. Plug-ins provide access to different computer objects and storage file systems, and perform data processing (ZIP and encryption).
  • Server registers Workstations and issues all commands related to backup, recovery and synchronization. It doesn’t know any details about data being copied, but works with abstract “files” and “folders” provided by Workstation plug-ins.

Each Workstation may have its own set of plug-ins. For example, Handy Backup for Android allows working with SMS messages, call logs, etc.

In our architecture, backing up SMS from phone to PC suggests that Server copies file AndroidWorkstation\SMS to a path like DesktopWorkstation\Computer\D\Backups.

Scheme of heterogeneous network backup

Copying files, disk images and databases in a heterogeneous network

The first step of an upcoming solution will be a Handy Backup Ubuntu Workstation. This means that it will be used only as a part of the Server Network solution, with a Windows-based Server. Learn more about client-server backup.

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Handy Backup Server Network

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Handy Backup Server Network

Check out the Server Network edition - centralized backup solution that lets you protect up to 5 servers at once. Ubuntu workstations coming soon!

Ubuntu Backup Plug-ins

Our program has always been famous for its modular structure and extensibility capabilities. All components have very solid, well-established interfaces and can be developed separately: for example, a Workstation can be released without any plug-ins at all.

We decided to start with three backup plug-ins for Ubuntu:

  • Computer. This is a common file system plug-in that uses system drivers to access files on a hard disk. Unlike Windows plug-in, it supports Linux attributes (permissions and owners) and uses them when backing up and synchronizing Ubuntu files.
  • Disk Image. Of course, Linux provides no VSS-like writers to take “live” system snapshots. Still disk imaging can be used in a variety of situations: particularly, it will be a part of the upcoming update of the Disaster Recovery module (see below).
  • MySQL Backup. While Ubuntu is probably not the most popular OS for hosting web applications, our MySQL Backup plug-in initially had a cross-platform design. Compiling it for use in a Linux version is not a very difficult task.

If you’re not yet a user of Windows version of our software, we welcome you to download and try it right now – very soon it will be compatible with Ubuntu!

Development Progress

As it’s been said above, the first release will be Handy Backup Workstation optimized for Ubuntu. Current development progress is as follows:

  • Workstation core is 100% ready. Workstation can successfully register on Server, receive commands, and send data to other Workstations using the highly-efficient rsync algorithm.
  • Computer plug-in works great as both a source and destination, with one little nuance: it doesn’t yet allow restoring Linux attributes.
  • Disk Image plug-in is ambiguous: on the one hand it passed all tests under Ubuntu, but we noticed that on some other Linux systems there are problems backing up drives larger than 2GB. It is not clear, if there are plug-in bugs, or if there are problems compiling it.
  • MySQL Backup plug-in works as perfectly as its Windows version.
  • Encryption filter works correctly.
  • ZIP filter is at 50%: the “many-to-many” mode (when the program creates separate ZIP archives for each Ubuntu file backed up) works correctly, while the “many-to-one” (creating a single ZIP backup) doesn’t work at all.

Most likely, finishing the file system plug-in (Computer) will result in an immediate release of the first version of the Workstation. Then you will be able to back up your Ubuntu files as easily as Windows ones – with the Server Network edition of our software!

Installation of Ubuntu backup software

Installation of Handy Backup Workstation in Ubuntu

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Server Network

Version 7.8.7, built on 2 December, 2016. 65.0 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 569 USD per license.

Handy Backup Server Network

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Future Plans

The plan after an Ubuntu Workstation is as follows:

  1. Linux-based Server and other components required for standalone operation under Linux.
  2. GUI client. Most likely, it will be Windows client launched under the Wine compatibility layer.
  3. Disaster Recovery module. At the moment, Handy Backup Disaster Recovery is a “heavy” Java app that shares the architecture, but is not compatible with the latest version of the program. We plan to change it with a lightweight Linux version equipped with the Image Backup feature.
  4. Online Backup service. We have already announced our plan to release a new Online Backup service based on Linux version of the program launched in the cloud.

To stay informed about the progress, please follow us on Twitter, join our Facebook group and join us in Google+. And don’t forget to join happy users of the Windows version of our software – download it right now!

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