Updated Handy Backup Free for Cloud Version 7.9

October 25, 2017

Handy Backup Free for Cloud backup utility

Dear customers! We are glad to present our newest Handy Backup Free for Cloud 7.9.4, a free online backup solution capable to copy files and folders to popular cloud services and restore data from these copies!

A new edition contains renewed, more efficient Dropbox, Google Drive and Yandex.Disk plug-ins. Besides that, it provides new, faster and smoother internal algorithms for organizing online backup. All functionality of Handy Backup Free for Cloud still freely available for you in this new version!

Functionality of Handy Backup Free for Cloud 7.9.4

A free solution for cloud backup, Handy Backup Free for Cloud 7.9.4 can copy files from a user machine to Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Yandex.Disk and to Handy Backup own remote backup service called HBdrive.

Backup Types

The solution supports all functions for efficient backup and restoration: partial backup (incremental or differential), versioning, encrypting and compressing data, automatic recovery etc. The program can set up a schedule by an exact time or by a system event to start cloud backup and recovery tasks.

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Differences between Version 7.9.4 and Earlier

A new Handy Backup Free for Cloud contains renewed, refined plug-ins Google Drive, Dropbox and Yandex.Disk to access appropriate cloud services. Besides that, some internal algorithms now have crucial refinements and improvements, making the new version even more fast, reliable and efficient than earlier solutions.

Differences between Handy Backup Free for Cloud and Commercial Editions

Backup Storages

Compared with Handy Backup free solution, commercial editions contain many different data source and storage plug-ins for automatic data backup (saving databases, virtual machines, disk images etc.).

Another feature of commercial editions is a possibility to use clouds as data source for back up files and folders, as well as for synchronizing online and local data, which can significantly expand the possibilities for organizing data backup.

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