Version 7.9.4: Google Drive and OneDrive Plug-ins Updated

September 20, 2017

Handy Backup Google Drive and OneDrive Plug-ins Updated

Dear customers! Let us tell you about our latest Handy Backup 7.9.4 update, introducing some crucial improvements to heavily demanded plug-ins, "Google Drive" and "OneDrive"!

These two plug-ins can serve as backup sources, data storage or places for synchronizing folders, and for now, we are completely renewed the tools for accessing these cloud services, making an effective "version 2.0" for each plug-in!

Cloud Service Operations

Handy Backup supports different types of clouds, either via the common "WebDAV" multi-cloud tool or by using the API of a particular cloud service. The plug-ins "Google Drive" and "OneDrive" are from the second category, utilizing all might and functions of an appropriate cloud API to make an efficient data exchange.

Renewed editions of these plug-ins contain newer internal algorithms, transferring and handling even more data than earlier, with an improved stability and efficiency accorded to newer specifications of cloud APIs.

The Functionality of Cloud Backup Plug-ins

As any other cloud storage plug-ins in Handy Backup, both Google Drive backup and OneDrive backup plug-ins can serve as:

  • A backup source (for saving data from a particular cloud account);
  • A storage vault (for storing backups in an accessible, re-usable place);
  • A container for some folders and/or files to synchronize between these and other sources.

Renewed plug-ins are readily available in all editions of Handy Backup.

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