Version 7.15: New S3 Plug-in and Mixed Incremental Backup

July 10, 2018

Backup to S3 Clouds

Dear customers! We are glad to inform you that we update Handy Backup to the new version 7.15!

The crucial features of a new version are an S3 plug-in for backup to any S3-based cloud, and a new mixed backup technique based on a combination of full and some incremental backup for the same dataset in a cycle.

The S3 Plug-in

Select the S3 Cloud Plugin in the Cloud group

This plug-in supports the S3 protocol for exchanging data with any cloud that supports this protocol. The S3 backup is very reliable and secure, as proofed by long-term utilization of Amazon S3 backup in Handy Backup software (note that it contains a separate plug-in for backup to Amazon).

The new plug-in is very easy to set up and use. Just provide your S3 server name, and a pair of public and secure keys in a connection dialog, and you can use this new connection for any actions including backing up, restoring or synchronizing your files and folders via S3.

Learn more about Amazon S3 Backup Software.

The Mixed Incremental Backup

This method of data backup makes a full copy of your dataset firstly, and then repeats a couple of incremental backups for the same dataset. When reaching a selected quantity of incremental copies, the program will create a new full copy again, and repeat all the cycle.

Mixed Incremental Backup

In previous versions of Handy Backup, users had the similar option but based on differential backup only. Now you can select a mixed backup type between differential and incremental backup as the basic method of data saving.

Learn more about Types of Data Backup.

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