New Version 7.9.5

October 31, 2017

New Version 7.9.5

Dear customers! Let us tell you about the newest Handy Backup update to version 7.9.5 having useful upgrades and minor changes helping for even smoother, faster backup than before!

In this new release we make some improvements for such features as automatic restoration of manually moved backup datasets, keeping connections with a workstation when a different user logs onto a system, starting a program with a tray icon after auto running, preserving pictures in reports after an auto start, and much more!

Updates in Handy Backup 7.9.5

The list of crucial updates and upgrades for a new version contains the next features.

Automatic Restoration of Manually Moved Backups


The new version can fully automate the process of restoring from backup in cases when a user moves a backup dataset to another place manually or by utilizing some file-moving software. Earlier versions may require some minor preparing for auto restore from moved backup.

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Keeping Connections with a Workstation when a New User Logs on


In Handy Backup 7.9.5 the established connection with a workstation will preserve after a new user will log on to a system. This improvement allows saving some time from re-establishing connections between a server and a workstation components.

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Auto Start Improvements and Fixes


Some options in the new version 7.9.5 are working more conveniently after auto starting a program. The two options related to auto start are:

  • Starting a program under an administrator account by using a tray icon after autorun.
  • Preserving pictures in report window after auto start.

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