VSS Service for Backup

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What is VSS for a backup tool? Is it a useful things when there is some VSS in a data backup solution?

Volume Snapshot Service is the procedure that provides taking hand-operated (or automated which promises even more tricks; automatic rules!) shadows of data at a point in time when the backup initiates. The “shadow” function looks amusingly, but it is not cool-sounding expressions which make Volume Snapshot Service worth considering. The greatest betefit about the service is the function: it copies locked data. Let Handy Backup make it work you right now (the Big Orange Button is at your service)!

Version 7.9.9, built on 26 January, 2018
65.7 MB

VSS Backup: Tech Issues

To be able to perform and store shadow copies, VSS awaits for the file system to be NT.

Thus, with the VSS functionality aboard, you receive an opportunity to perform secure backups of a volume as the stuff is not changed and no problems with data being locked occur.

The files saving operation can be organized two major options. The first one is to pass over VSS functionality to the OS. The other variant is to utilize the thing as a Windows service.

VSS Backup: Case Study

But let’s pass the dull theory and start to imagine a portion of pleasant experience. So, once more time, what do these nice VSS things precisely mean for file backup in the Handy Backup software?

Practically, the advanced VSS feature brings the pleasure of hot backup for files with multiple configuration to be secure and functioning. For instance, while backing up databases, this solution precisely processes all existent actions regarding those databases and creates a snapshot of files, the processing database version. So, say hello to on-the-fly backup copies of MS SQL Server (and here is bye-bye to stopping the service in order to continue with the saving procedure).

Take MS Exchange Server. The VSS feature in Handy Backup will do an advanced process here too. For instance, it will back up current databases instead of coping the entire volume they are hold to (a traditional MS practice, unfortunately).

Handy Backup Professional

Version 7.9.9, built on 26 January, 2018 . 65.7 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 99 USD per license.

Handy Backup Professional

Try the VSS-powered disk imaging with the Professional edition or super mighty the smootherst ever MS Exchange backup with Small Server

And when it comes to hard disk drive imaging, the magnetic influence of Volume Shadow Copy Service for hot backup runs on bringing wonderful functions, as the entire operating system copying without logging off Windows, syncing of two hard drive images, and as a consequence comfortable computer cloning.

So, if you still haven’t tested backup software with VSS aboard, isn’t now sounds like a convenient moment to begin?

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