How to Backup Registry Windows 7

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How to backup registry Windows 7 (or other system files) is an important question when it touches a matter of system consistency and giving users a ready system snapshot on a call.

It is important to backup registry Windows 7 every time when crucial changes are planned or a new type activity is scheduled using the particular system as the platform.

Backing up and Restore Windows 7 Registry File by Native Methods

  • The built-in Backup and Restore service for Windows 7 does not contain a method of separate backup registry Windows 7 file. Instead, you must use regedit firstly to copy and save entire registry as a new .REG file.

    This file can be backed up and restored later as any other file and using regedit another time you can place the saved file instead of current registry.
  • Another way to “backup” registry file is to take a snapshot of the entire system image, including current registry file. This image, if it will be restored later, will automatically replace the registry file with its backed up copy.

    In this case, sometimes you will want to disable system restore Windows 7 registry, but this process can’t be controlled using native methods.

How to Backup and Restore the Registry in Windows 7 Without an Effort?

The way is to use the third-party backup software, such as Handy Backup. Handy Backup allows you to backup registry Windows 7 file with an entire image of your system or separately, as well as make your system restore registry Windows 7 on demand.

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To add registry to the list of backup or restoration, choose Registry when you setting up dialog “Backup Task Properties”. After double-clicking that item, a new window will appear for selecting components of registry separately or as a whole.

Windows Registry Backup

Selecting Windows registry as data

Check elements of registry file you want to backup or to restore. After you finish it, press OK and move to other components of task setup.

Windows Registry Backup: Selecting Elements

Selecting elements of Windows registry for backup or restoration

How to backup registry Windows 7 is not a question if you are using Handy Backup. Try the might of it just now, backing up and restoring your registry Windows 7 along with any other types of data!


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