Creating Xbox 360 Games Backup on PC

Xbox Backup with Handy Backup

For making Xbox 360 backups, the dedicated utility called Xbox Backup Creator exists, although if you are a fan of console (and, perhaps, PC) gaming, other solutions can greatly expand your backup and mirroring possibilities. Handy Backup is a perfect example of such a solution.

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Version 7.19.0, built on 8 November, 2018
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Trivia: Ways of Backup Xbox Games

To create Xbox backups using your PC, you can follow one of the two ways:

  • Remove Xbox hard drive and plug it to your computer (a hardware approach);
  • Connect your Xbox and your PC with a dedicated connectivity cable (a cable approach).
Xbox Backup using PC

Both approaches allow you seeing your Xbox drive content as a part of your PC’s file system. Using Handy Backup, you can make Xbox 360 backup by applying the “Computer” data source option.

Advantages of Handy Backup for Xbox 360 Games Backup

As the unified, all-purpose backup solution, Handy Backup allows you as much advantages for Xbox 360 backups as for any other data type existed on your computer. Some of these advantages are listed below as an example:

How to backup Xbox 360 Games: destination selection
  • A good choice of media storages for backups, from local PC disk and other Xbox drives to cloud services such as Dropbox or Windows Azure, as well as external drives and NAS devices;
  • Joint backup of Xbox and PC game data, games itself, drive images, documents, solvers, maps and any other information the user need to save as copies, perhaps as parts of just one task;

  • The possibility to start the backup task automatically every time when the Xbox drive is plugged to the PC as an external storage device;
  • Extended and already available tech support, solving any of your connection and backup problems without any extra fees or charges;
  • Keeping Xbox 360 backup games in native data formats, allowing processing these data on your PC by any way you can invent, without a risk of drive or data destruction.

These and many other options turn Handy Backup from just a data-keeping solution into the mighty, universal tool that can be necessary for any advanced gamer.

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Standard

Version 7.19.0, built on 8 November, 2018. 164 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 39 USD per license.

Handy Backup Standard

Handy Backup Standard edition allows you automatically saving your Xbox and PC game data to any place you can invent for keeping your games!

How to Backup Xbox 360 Games Using Handy Backup

To backup Xbox 360 game data, please follow the next instruction after applying one of the approaches listed before:

  1. Be sure that your Xbox drive is attached to your PC as an external disk.

    Open Handy Backup and call for a new task wizard by using a dedicated button on the management panel, or just by pressing Ctrl+N. Then choose the backup task on the Step 1.

  2. On the Step 2, select the Computer data source option. Find the drive corresponding to Xbox connection and open it.

Adding the Computer plug-in to backup set

  1. Choose data eligible to backup Xbox 360 games and mark these data with checkboxes.
  2. On the Step 3, choose the data storage devices for your Xbox backups among the many storage possibilities featured by Handy Backup.
  3. The two following steps allow you to choose other backup options, such as full, incremental, differential or mixed backup, versioned backup keeping, compressing and encrypting and so on.
  4. To schedule your task on the Step 6, choose the option allowing automatic execution for your task each time you connect your Xbox to your PC via the USB cable (for a cable approach).

Automatic Xbox Games Backup

Note: The hardware approach is difficult to scheduling by any way, assuming you are not knowing exactly when you will connect your Xbox to your PC next time. In this case, skip scheduling and use the manual start for the backup task.

  1. Give your task a name. The creation wizard will finish. Enjoy the automatic backup of your Xbox data with Handy Backup!

An Alternate Way: Creating Xbox Drive Image

Using the hardware approach (see above), you can create the disk image snapshot of your Xbox drive attached to your PC. This snapshot can be recovered later, or used as the part of some virtual machine, for repairing your Xbox or moving your data exactly byte-to-byte to another Xbox unit.

To use this approach, attach Xbox drive to PC physically, and create a disk image backup (please read all details of this option in the User Manual), or start and apply a free utility called Handy Backup Disaster Recovery (HBDR) to make the same action.

Restoring and Mirroring Xbox 360 Games Backup Data

To restore your Xbox360 backups, you can make a restoration task. The process of creating a restoration task has no significant differences from creating a backup task. Moreover, you can make a “restoration” to the different place, creating a copy or mirror of your Xbox game data.

Download Handy Backup

Version 7.19.0, built on 8 November, 2018
164 MB

Try backing up your Xbox 360 with Handy Backup just now, downloading a free 30-day trial version of with a full set of functions.

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