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ODBC backup is crucial for data protection, instilling confidence in businesses that recovery time will be minimized in the event of data loss.

Backing up databases presents one of the most intricate challenges in data backup, as data within Database Management Systems (DBMS) undergoes constant modification from multiple concurrent users and cannot be replicated without interrupting the service.

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Database backup

This is why it necessitates employing hot backup technology, enabling data copying while maintaining business operations. Download Handy Backup to utilize hot data preservation!

Backup via ODBC

ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) is a standard database interface independent of any particular database engine. The special software, known as the ODBC driver, is required to utilize ODBC capabilities.

These drivers are readily available for any DBMS/DBME and are often free or open-source. The list of supported features depends entirely on the specific ODBC driver.

Handy Backup can perform automatic backup through the universal Database plug-in operating with ODBC drivers, ensuring that all features and limitations of the particular ODBC driver, including the possibility of "hot" backup, are supported.

* Databases marked with asterisks can also be backed up using specialized plug-ins. These specialized plug-ins can function without ODBC drivers. Explore the advantages of specialized plug-ins over the generic Database plug-in below.

Since many database engines lack native backup tools, there is a strong demand for universal software utilities capable of backing up any single database. You can find a list of ODBC drivers for various databases on the Database Drivers website.

SQLite ODBC Backup

Sample Feature: SQLite ODBC Backup

With the ODBC plug-in, you can easily perform SQLite3 ODBC backups immediately after installing the appropriate ODBC database driver for Windows, enabling seamless SQLite backup. Recent versions of this driver support hot backup functionality for SQLite ODBC solutions on Windows.

Database Plug-in Features

Handy Backup is a comprehensive solution for all backup needs, including ODBC backup. The Database plug-in, utilized for these operations, offers the following features:

  • Hot backup: If an ODBC driver supports it, the software can execute all backup activities without interrupting the database server.
  • Flexible scheduling and administration: With Handy Backup, you can schedule backup tasks to run at regular intervals ranging from months to minutes. Additionally, you can run the application as a Windows service and receive email notifications.
  • Encrypting, compressing, and preparing data for storage: These settings enable robust data protection by implementing strong encryption, compression of saved copies, and the option to execute utilities before or after the backup task.
  • A variety of storage options: Handy Backup supports storing data on local, removable, or network drives, FTP/SFTP/FTPS servers, private and commercial cloud services (including S3 and WebDAV-based clouds), and other solutions.
ODBC Backup destination

Handy Backup enables database backup for not only network or corporate-level users but also standalone computers. We hope this approach helps users of all kinds organize their backup workflow according to their specific needs!

Using the Database Plug-in to Move Data via ODBC

To correctly use the Database plug-in, please follow these steps:

ODBC Database Source Administrator dialog
  1. Download and install the appropriate ODBC driver for your Database Management System (DBMS). Visit the website hosting the driver to learn about its capabilities, including support for "hot backups" and transaction rollback without data loss.
  2. Add the installed ODBC driver to the list of data sources through Windows "Control Panel" -> "System and Security" -> "Administrative tools".
  3. Now you can execute backup and restoration tasks for your DBMS/DBME using the Database plug-in. Simply select the Database as the data source and choose the specific data you wish to back up.

For detailed instructions, please refer to the User Manual section dedicated to the Database plug-in.

Specialized Plug-ins vs. Generic Database Plug-in

In addition to the common ODBC-based Database plug-in, Handy Backup offers specialized database plug-ins. These plug-ins differ from the Database plug-in in the following ways:

  • No need for ODBC driver for operation (internal DBMS tools are often used instead);
  • Hot backup capability available for all plug-ins out-of-the-box;
  • Utilization of internal DBMS structure quirks and features can significantly speed up the process.
Features of Generic Database Plug-in

It is almost universally acknowledged that specialized plug-ins can often serve more effectively than the basic Database plug-in. However, there are cases where this rule does not apply, and backup operations through the Database plug-in can be more effective economically or logically than using distributed plug-ins.

The ultimate decision depends solely on the user-defined strategy, rather than financial or technical constraints.

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Handy Backup: Professional yet cost-efficient ODBC backup software for database backup and recovery!

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