FTP From Windows : How to Get Access

FTP Backup

To get FTP access from windows you can use two programs:

  1. Internet Explorer
  2. Windows Explorer

Internet explorer is well-known Internet Browser by Microsoft. And windows explorer is the thing that we use to browse files on our computers. Everyone one know what it is but not everyone know its name. To get ftp access from windows explorer is another way to make FTP more user-friendly.

To enter the ftp location using internet explorer you need to type in address bar ftp address of the site starting with “FTP://”;. That’s how you will get an access to the files stored in this location. To download it you may right-click it and choose Save Target As (in case if you use Internet Explorer).

FTP Backup

FTP is widely spread transfer protocol that you can use for entering remote servers and also for windows backup. You can read more about FTP backup at our website.

FTP Access From Windows 7

FTP Server

Another way is to access ftp from Windows Explorer. In this case you need to begin with “Start” button and then click on My computer (XP) or Computer (as it called in Windows 7 and vista). After opening the My computer screen you need to press the Win button + E. That’s how you can open windows Explorer.

To create a shortcut for opening FTP site in windows explorer you can do the following:

  1. At first Click with the right button anywhere in the folder Computer and choose “Add a network location”.
  2. It will open connection wizard. Choose a custom network location and click Next.
  3. Then you need to type in address of the FTP site. Don’t forget to put “FTP://”; in front of it.
  4. You can log in to FTP site anonymously and using your Login and password. If the password is needed you can clear the box “Log on anonymously”.
  5. If you want to give shortcut another name (not the same as FTP address), you can put it in the box “Type a name for this network location”.

This is a good alternative for FTP client for windows. Finally, you can put this shortcut on the desktop and use it whenever you want without entering my computer. You also can save the password by selecting the “save password” check box if you want to connect FTP without entering the password next time.

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