Backup Practices

In the “Backup Practices” category you can find information about best practices of backup.

Lost USB Flash

The market for USB flash drives has grown very popular over the past several years. Any computer user can transport files from one computer to another…

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3-2-1 Backup Rule: The Three Steps of Planning Data Keeping

Handy Backup is a perfect tool for planning and managing the 3-2-1 backup rule (strategy), one of most efficient techniques of separate keeping for data…

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Tower of Hanoi Schedule: the Strategy of Data Backup Rotation

Tower of Hanoi backup strategy, named after the classical Tower of Hanoi puzzle (which consists from moving eight disks between the three spines, with…

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Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm

Round robin scheduling is an algorithm that engages all objects (e.g. data) in some cycle of processing. When completing operations over the last object…

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Restore My Active Desktop

Active Desktop was a technology powered by Windows XP, transfiguring your desktop workspace into the active environment much like a Web page. Due to low…

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Backup Terms Glossary

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