MySQL Workbench Backup Tool: Capabilities

MySQL Workbench Backup

MySQL Workbench is a powerful, popular utility capable to administer, modify and backup MySQL databases. A healthy choice of features makes MySQL Workbench just as preferred by some admins and developers as for phpMyAdmin or HeidiSQL for others.

MySQL Workbench is very good for general purposes related to MySQL managing, although some specialized operations, like backing up databases on MySQL, are still better performed by specialized software like Handy Backup.

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MySQL Workbench Features

MySQL Workbench Features

MySQL Workbench provides a set of functions and features related to manual MySQL administering and data managing. These features include schema control tools, visual model and object managing tools, database migration features and many other instruments expanding the basic toolkit.

MySQL Workbench Database Backup Capabilities

MySQL Workbench backup and restore instrument is a GUI built beyond the MySQL Enterprise Backup tool. It allows flexible task setup with encrypting, incrementing, fine-tuning datasets, making MySQL Workbench scheduled backup and manipulating with many other aspects of data saving.

An administrator can force MySQL Workbench backup for a schema, a table or a DB (with some possible extra or excluded options tuned for a task) via the graphic interface, as a part of a daily administering activity linked to MySQL databases.

Advantages of Handy Backup over MySQL Workbench

To back up MySQL databases, both products mentioned are almost equally good (perhaps, equally best). Therefore, for saving only MySQL data, you can use MySQL Workbench backup database tool or Handy Backup software. However, some differences between the products still exist:

Native Data Format

Handy Backup keeps data copies preserving an original data format, unless other declared by a user. Therefore, “backups” created by Handy Backup are perfect copies of data ready to use just by a place where backups are kept, requiring no necessary restoration before using.

MySQL Workbench backup database feature provides only a full and an incremental backup technique, and Handy Backup completes this set by the more capable and advantageous (for databases) differential backup, mixed backup, as well as with automated versioning and time stamping.

Partial and Full Backup
Handy Backup Advantages

Typically, MySQL data are not a single type of information used on some server. Much more frequently, these data are a part of more complicated structure, such as a dynamic part of a website content. Handy Backup can back up all these data, and MySQL Workbench cannot.

These advantages of a dedicated MySQL backup software over the built-in MySQL Workbench backup can play a crucial role in a particular backup strategy developed just for some server or data center. Or else, the role of these features can be much smaller than MySQL Workbench is for you.

MySQL Plug-in File System

Choosing “MySQL” data source on the step 2 with Handy Backup.

Recommended Solution

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Version 7.17.0, built on 14 September, 2018. 164 MB
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Handy Backup Small Server

Handy Backup Small Server will help you easily back up and restore your MySQL databases. Try free for 30 days!

Comparing MySQL Workbench with Other MySQL Administering Tools

For a convenience, let us briefly compare the capabilities of MySQL Workbench with other popular tool for managing MySQL databases: phpMyAdmin and HeidiSQL. For each tool, we have to define some pros and cons demonstrated and mentioned by many users throughout the world.


A classic, solid and undemanding utility, phpMyAdmin has a lot of fans among MySQL users.

  • Pros: The greatest pro for phpMyAdmin is a relative simplicity, allowing doing any operations with MySQL databases and tables quickly and effectively.
  • Cons: A big problem of this software is a lack of any automation requiring performing any action with MySQL datasets (including regular activities such as backing up) strictly manually.


More advanced and featured than phpMyAdmin, HeidiSQL software has some extra capabilities such as more powerful UI, data synchronization options and great user management system.

  • Pros: HeidiSQL can manage some SQL engines other than MySQL. It has an intuitive GUI, many extra functions and a big choice of features managed by command-line parameters.
  • Cons: As the phpMyAdmin solution, HeidiSQL lacks any automation of managing routines. For some functions of HeidiSQL, a redundance is reported.

MySQL Workbench

Almost a perfect tool, MySQL Workbench has all required capabilities for managing MySQL databases including an automation for some frequent activities. Moreover, it is expanding and changing constantly, meeting the requirements of newer and newer MySQL-related technologies.

  • Pros: Simply, it is a great MySQL administering tool. The instruments of visualization for any MySQL database aspect (architecture, schema, objects etc.) make it even more attractive!
  • Cons: The only problem of MySQL Workbench is a big consumption of system resources, making it uncomfortable to use on smaller or weaker machines, especially for backing up data.

Therefore, we are recommending using MySQL Workbench for any MySQL daily administering tasks, and setting up a copy of Handy Backup along with it to perform backing up, cloning and replicating MySQL databases and tables in a fully automated mode, instead of using MySQL Workbench backup.

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Version 7.17.0, built on 14 September, 2018
164 MB

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