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PHPMyAdmin backup database automatically only when being a part of some script. In other word, for PHPMyAdmin automatic backup is almost impossible. How to deal with it if you want to have a backup tool for MySQL or MariaDB? The answer is simple: use some other software, such as Handy Backup!

Handy Backup software allows creating backups of MySQL databases as easily as common files and folders. To learn about the MySQL Backup plug-in, please see MySQL Backup Software.

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PHPMyAdmin Automatic Backup Implementations

There are some solutions for PHPMyAdmin scheduled backup:

phpMyAdmin Auto Backup
  • Doing this action manually, on a regular basis (perhaps via the automatic notification);
  • Using scripts with PHPMyAdmin and scheduling software, like cron to provide a simulacrum of automatic PHPMyAdmin backup;
  • Operating in a somewhat automatic manner via some CMS, like Drupal or Wordpress.

What I Can Apply for Auto Backup of MySQL Database Instead of PHPMyAdmin?

Auto MySQL Backup

This is a lot of MySQL backup software with automated functions. We recommend you to use Handy Backup, a pro-grade workstation backup and server backup software, allowing automated MySQL backup and restoration without a need of manual job (except some simple initial setup).

phpmyadmin auto backup
Features of phpmyadmin database backup


  • Featured MySQL and MariaDB backup options, allowing automating all backup actions;
  • Perfect scheduling of backup tasks with a period from minutes to months;
  • Saving MySQL backups in native format, allowing replicating and cloning data by backup;
  • Many control options, such as compressing, encrypting and differential MySQL data backup.


Handy Backup can save not only MySQL and MariaDB databases but also data from any applications running under MySQL, including websites and CMS content, as well as automatically backing up and restoring any other data you need to save. Any task job can be scheduled and fully automated.

Possibilities phpmyadmin backup tool
Considerations of the Format backup using phpmyadmin

Considerations of the Format

When Handy Backup saves any uncompressed and unencrypted data as backups, it preserves original file formats (as SQL command sequence) and data structure. For MySQL backups, it means possibilities of cloning and mirroring MySQL content by “restoring” these databases to other places.

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