Complete Backup Solution for Home PC and Enterprises

If you’re looking for a complete backup and restore solution for your home PC or enterprise network, Handy Backup is right for you. It is an award-winning backup utility, designed for Windows 10/8/7/Vista and 2016/2012/2008/2003 Server. The program doesn’t require any specific skills or knowledge, so even a computer novice will encounter no difficulties using it.

Reliable Computer Backup and Restore Software

Handy Backup is a powerful yet easy-to-use auto backup utility, perfectly meeting the requirements of both home users and IT professionals. It can back up many types of data, including:

  • Files and folders
  • Many popular applications: Outlook, Windows Mail and other
  • Windows Registry
  • My Documents, Favorites, Windows Desktop
  • Hard Drive Image
  • Databases

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Database Backup with Handy Backup

Hot complete database backup is the salt making Handy Backup unique. The program has several plug-ins, related to backing up databases:

Complete Enterprise Backup System

Besides home and corporate backup solutions for standalone computers, Handy Backup offers you a complete network backup system Handy Backup Server Network. The program is full-featured and works on a client-server backup scheme, representing centralized backup of Windows Server based enterprise networks. More about Handy Backup Server Network.

Note: Although the program’s name is Handy Backup Server Network, it’s not limited to servers only. Supported platforms are the same: our backup utility runs on Windows 10/8/7/Vista and Windows Server 2016/2012/2008/2003.

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    Handy Backup Professional

    $99 per license

    Upgrade to version 7

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    1 license$99 per unit
    2-9 licenses$84 per unit
    10-49 licensescontact us$84 per unit

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    What to Back Up

    My Documents Backup - one click backup of the My documents folder including pics, videos, music, text files

    Windows 7 Backup Utility - how to choose the best data backup solution if you’re under Windows 7

    Website Backup - most reliable solution to protect your business web representation

    Disk Image Backup - back up your hard drive by creating a hard drive image and saving it to the storage medium

    MySQL Backup - simple, comprehensive backup of the MySQL database tables

    Windows 8 Data Backup - learn our recommendations on backing up data of Win8 operating system

    ODBC Database Backup - back up any ODBC compatible databases including MySQL, Oracle, FoxPro, Interbase, MSSQL, DB2, MS Access, Postgre SQL etc.

    Where to Back Up

    Backup USB - back up your data to any USB connected device such as USB flash key

    Backup to FTP - transfer your backups to remote FTP server for more data security

    How to Back Up

    Synchronizing files and folders - one click synchronization of files and folders across multiple locations including remote FTP servers

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