Outlook Express Backup and Recovery

Outlook Express: Backup Emails

simple-to-control Backup Outlook Express emails with Handy Backup, the efficient, simple-to-control backup solution allowing both backup emails and making Outlook Express restore.

Outlook Express backup is a necessity if you are utilizing this well-distributed, simple email client for your communications. Try Handy Backup, a mighty, unified and easy data copying program, to backup Outlook Express emails to any modern storage that your trust, either online or local.

What Is Outlook Express and Why I Need a Tool for Outlook Express Backup Email?

For a long time, Outlook Express was a default mail client for Windows users. Newer versions of Windows use more modern email clients, but an army of users of older Windows versions still needs an efficient Outlook backup solution, as this program lacks built-in email saving tools.

Note: Outlook Express is not a copy or smaller version of Microsoft Outlook! The principal differences are described in a small table below.

Outlook ExpressMicrosoft Outlook
PackagePart of older Microsoft Windows standard software packagePart of the Microsoft Office package
Key featuresEmail clientEmail client, organizer, calendar tool
Distribution modelFree with WindowsFor a price, as a part of MS Office
Additional toolsNoneDifferent plug-ins and extensions available for business purposes

How to Backup Outlook Express Emails with Handy Backup

NoteNote that of you are using Windows XP, then late Handy Backup releases will not work on this OS. For Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, please download and install Handy Backup 7.7.9 or earlier. The basic principle of Outlook Express backup will be the same as mentioned here.

Please use the sequence of steps briefly described below:

  1. Start the task wizard for creating a backup task. Select an advanced mode if you will need for additional options and functions, such as incremental backup or running an external program before copying your emails.
  2. On Step 2, select the Computer plug-in and find a folder C:\Documents and Settings\%User%\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{Hex-Code}\Microsoft\Outlook Express.
  3. Select this folder by marking a checkbox against it. Click OK and return to the task wizard window. Continue making a task according to the User Manual.

Advantages of Outlook Express Backup with Handy Backup

  • Hot Backup. Automatic Backup by Pre-Planned Schedule You can run a task to save Outlook Express data either manually of by predefined schedule, with an interval from a minute to several months, or even use the task as a part a global PC backup scheme.
  • Wide range of backup destinations Save your data locally to a PC drive, an external USB disk or memory card, or to any online storage such as NAS, FTP server, another computer connected by a network, or a cloud service like OneDiive.
  • Compression. Too many letters? No problem for Handy Backup′s backup compression module which helps you save storage space on your hard drive.
  • Quick Outlook Express Restore Outlook Express recovery from backup is as easy as copying emails itself. Just create an automatic recovery task (here you can even select another destination to clone Outlook Express emails) and run it!

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Try Handy Backup is an efficient and easy-to-use software tool for automatic Outlook Express backups!

Handy Backup Standard

The most affordable solution for a single home PC, the Standard edition has all necessary tools and functions for Outlook Express backup! For a full list of features, please read backup comparison.

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