Outlook Express Backup and Recovery

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Outlook Express is among the most popular e-mail messaging clients worldwide. You can prevent accidental deletion and unwanted corruption of your e-mail contacts, messages, attachments, and other data through creating regular Outlook Express backup.

Outlook Express doesn′t have built-in tool to back up its database on a regular basis, that′s why you need to create outlook express backup strategy for yourself.

There are several ways to perform Outlook Express backup. Method you can select depends on your situation and goals. Let′s talk about popular backup methods.

Manual backup

Manual backup is not very cool, since you are wasting your time to do it. However, it′s better than no backup at all. You can do manual backup from time to time, the main thing is not to forget about it at all.

To use this method, follow the instruction:

  1. Copy the contents of the folder C:\Documents and Settings\%User%\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{Hex-Code}\Microsoft\Outlook Express manually to a flash drive (or any other backup destination).
  2. In a case of disaster, install the Outlook Express and overwrite the folder with old backup folder you copied on 1th step or use Import Outlook Express built-in option.

Outlook Express Backup in Handy Backup

The second basic way to perform an Outlook Express backup is to use third-party Outlook backup tool, such as Handy Backup. Handy Backup has an advanced Outlook Backup plug-in which allows easy Outlook Express backup or Windows Live Mail backup.

The main advantage of Handy Backup is you can customize Handy Backup for automatic Outlook Express backup on a regular schedule (as a separate task or as a part of a global PC backup scheme). Backup tasks are very easy to create in a friendly Task Wizard.

There are other interesting Handy Backup options:

  • Wide range of backup destinations. In addition to local, external and networked drives, Handy Backup allows backing up to CD or DVD, backup to FTP server, or uploading it to online backup service.
  • Compression. Too many letters? No problem for Handy Backup′s backup compression module which helps you save storage space on your hard drive.
  • Hot Backup. Handy Backup doesn′t need Outlook Express to be stopped during backup process. Just do as you usually do, Handy Backup will backup Outlook Express automatically as a Windows service.

If you have made a backup of your Outlook Express emails with Handy Backup, the restoration is easy with Handy Backup′s Restore option. For a full list of features, please read backup comparison.

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Handy Backup is easy and effective solution for automatic Outlook Express backups!


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