QNAP Remote Cloud and NAS Backup Software

QNAP Backup Software

QNAP backup utilizes some QNAP NAS unit to store backup data (or, vice versa, taking a QNAP online backup for some content). Handy Backup allows these operations either through a QNAP cloud backup (e.g. using a WebDAV), or directly as a shared folder through the “Network” plug-in.

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Version 8.0.4, built on 10 Jule, 2019
104 MB

Features of QNAP Backup with Handy Backup

Good Choice of Storages

You can take QNAP offsite backup (e.g. to Amazon S3, to an FTP server, or even backup QNAP to QNAP unit, perhaps for cloning it!), as well as use any local storage (drive or USB device) in a generic QNAP Windows backup scheme. Handy Backup contains many options for data storage.

A Variety of Storages for QNAP Backup
Save Any Data Type to QNAP

Data Options

As a QNAP backup app, Handy Backup supports almost any data type existed. You can save a full Windows Server backup to QNAP NAS, or store on your QNAP Gmail backup with an email database taken by IMAP, or save a clone of any database (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle), or any other data!

Complete Automation

You can tune up your QNAP auto backup by any mean: schedule your backup task by an exact time and a variable repeating period, organize for QNAP incremental backup and versioning, start and stop your QNAP backup server before and after a task, take reports by email, encrypt files – use it all as you wish!

QNAP Auto Backup

A Cross-Platform Solution

QNAP Backup for Windows and Linux

Handy Backup allows not only QNAP backup for Windows, but also supports Linux distributives based on Debian/Ubuntu. The program operates in native mode under Linux, except the interface component, which starts under Wine to provide a complete compatibility between Windows and Linux apps.

Use Cases for QNAP Backup

  • Using a NAS unit as a QNAP backup server: Share some NAS folders and use these folders on the Step 3 of a backup task as storages. Then, restore from these folders. In both cases, utilize the “Network” plug-in.
  • Setting up Handy Backup to backup QNAP data: As mentioned above, use “Network”, but on the Step 2 instead of the Step 3, to locate and mark QNAP backup folders and files. You can store your data where you want, as well as restore these data to their original or new place!

Select Network for QNAP Backup

  • Organizing QNAP cloud backup: When setting up a QNAP backup server on a private cloud, just provide a WebDAV interface for it (either directly or through some bridge service). Handy Backup also supports the OwnCloud backup technology. Use clouds as backup sources and storages.
  • Performing QNAP backup in NAS-to-NAS mode: Using the two first cases in a joint operation, you can quickly organize direct QNAP to QNAP backup (e.g. for mirroring a data server or for sending regular updates to other units). This is a viable option for big data arrays.
Download Handy Backup

Version 8.0.4, built on 10 Jule, 2019
104 MB

Handy Backup provides a complete QNAP backup software solution, allowing organizing QNAP auto backup and restore for any data through a local network or a cloud account. Try Handy Backup by downloading a fully functional 30-day free trial version!

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