Cloud Backup Options for Windows 10, 8, 7

Windows cloud backup allows saving Windows data to some private or commercial cloud, as well as restoring these data from a cloud. Data can be either a bunch of "common" files, folders, databases etc. or a whole Windows image.

Handy Backup brings many cloud backup options for Windows.

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Cloud Backup Options for Windows

Advantages of Windows Cloud Backup with Handy Backup

Big Selection of Cloud Storages

Handy Backup allows saving Windows cloud backup to many services, including popular commercial clouds such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, the own Windows backup cloud service and other, as well as to any cloud that supports WebDAV, including private and local cloud services.

Big Selection of Cloud Storages

Big Amount of Cloud Backup Options

With Handy Backup, you can use such things as incremental, differential and mixed backup, encryption and/or compression "on-the-fly", creation of versioned backups with timestamps, cloning or submitting data by "restoring" datasets to other places, and calling for external software during backup.

Big Level of Total Backup Automation

When using Handy Backup, you can find data of any type using appropriate plug-ins or file filters to include or exclude these data from backup actions. You can also schedule your tasks by an exact time and interval between some minutes to some months, or even start a task by some system event!

Big Level of Total Backup Automation

Windows Cloud Backup for Different OS Versions

Since Windows 7 cloud backup is a more and more viable option for storing offsite data backup. Now the Windows 10 cloud backup infrastructure is the most readily available method of data protection, allowing restoring backups quickly from any place on the world!

For Handy Backup, it is definitely no differences between, say, Windows 8 cloud backup and saving data from any other version of Windows. It handles all OS editions and versions equally, requiring no extra learning and skills from a user to switch between the systems.

How to Use Windows Cloud Backup?

In Handy Backup, all online backup options are the plug-ins available for either storing data or making backups from accounts. Therefore, you can find every cloud plug-in on the "Cloud" group on the left panel on the Step 2 of a new backup task wizard, or on the left panel of a Step 3 (data destinations).

Plug-ins for Amazon S3

In addition, when you need to make a whole Windows cloud backup, you can use a plug-in for taking an OS drive image, which can be either the Disk Image or the System Recovery tool.

Note: When making a Windows backup cloud image, please check firstly if you have enough free space on your cloud account to accept an image. Such data files can be very bulky, easily overflowing any standard cloud storage capacity!

You can utilize Windows cloud backup options for all types of backup and restore actions:

  • As data sources for Windows-related data 9e.g. for backing up user libraries;
  • As backup destinations for Windows whole drives and separate data;
  • For restoring, cloning, mirroring and dispatching Windows data.

To learn more about using Windows backup cloud services for all these purposes, please refer to the User Manual for Handy Backup. All cloud services eligible for Windows cloud backup have similar capabilities, functions and restrictions, as well as quite similar instructions for using in Handy Backup!

Using Handy Backup as Cloud Backup Software

To utilize cloud backup solutions, Handy Backup provides some storage plug-ins, dedicated for establishing connections and exchanging data with cloud software tools listed above. The list of plug-ins updates on a regular basis; therefore, we are recommending updating your Handy Backup constantly!

The List of Windows Cloud Backup Solutions

Here is the brief list of options for Windows cloud backup supported now by Handy Backup plug-ins. Note that this list is constantly changes and updates, because more and more cloud services provide newer capabilities for backing up Windows data!

The List of Windows Cloud Backup Solutions
  • Amazon S3 Backup. The business-level offsite storage for Windows server and workstation data.
  • Dropbox Backup. The popular file-sharing and cloud storage system based on Amazon S3.
  • OneDrive Backup. This is the own Windows backup cloud solution.

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You can find all these cloud plug-ins in server-level editions of Handy Backup, when other editions have slightly limited list of plug-ins available out of the box. Nevertheless, every edition can make backup on most popular clouds!

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Version 8.5.4 , built on June 13, 2024. 116 MB
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