FoxPro Backup and Recovery

FoxPro backup is necessary due to the continuous popularity of this database engine. FoxPro databases are widely used in different areas, and FoxPro backup issues receive a lot of attention from developers and users. Handy Backup has an answer for these questions, providing tools to backup FoxPro database!

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FoxPro Backup

The use of the Database Backup in Handy Backup makes FoxPro backup as convenient as never before. With the program′s powerful features and easy user interface you won′t face a single problem when backing up FoxPro or other databases. Out of the box, Handy Backup is ready to back up FoxPro database tables, preventing data from accidental erasing or corrupting.

FoxPro Backup Features

Handy Backup has the following list of features for saving Visual FoxPro backup database:

  • No server performance decrease. Handy Backup Backup does not consume much system resources and minimums the load on the server engine during the backup process.
  • FoxPro hot backup. Back up data of your FoxPro database without stopping its operation.
FoxPro Backup Features
  • Scheduled FoxPro server backups. The program′s user-friendly interface lets you set up your own backup plan in just several clicks.
  • Restore to remote locations you can restore backed up FoxPro tables to remote servers, regardless of having Handy Backup installed on them.

FoxPro Backup Optimization with Handy Backup

The use of Handy Backup will bring you the following benefits:

How to Backup FoxPro: Compress and Encrypt Options
  • Automatic backup compression.. With this option enabled, you have no need to bother about free disk space: Handy Backup will optimize FoxPro backup file size through ZIP compression.
  • Windows Service operation. The application is capable of running backups fully automatically, without requiring you to log in and start the program. Completely forget about backup chores!
  • Backup logs and notification. The program stores information about tasks and results in different logs and reports. You can either read these logs from the program interface, or receive reports by email.
  • Wide choice of backup storage media. You can store your data on any suitable media and copy your backup to USB disk , FTP server, backup to NAS, etc. Another type of storage is different clouds, such as Amazon S3, OneDrive, Google Drive, any S3 or WebDAV-based cloud or Box.
How to Backup FoxPro: Destination Selection

How to Backup FoxPro Database

To make automatic FoxPro backup, you can create a task in Handy Backup. Open the program and call a new task wizard, then follow the next instruction.

  1. Tune up your FoxPro ODBC driver, according to driver installation rules. It is a necessary step!
  2. Select backup task type on Step 1. You can use either simple or advanced mode to backup.
  3. Go to Step 2 and open the Database plug-in in the Database group.
Configuration of FoxPro Backup
  1. Open the FoxPro database and select those data that you plan to save as a copy.
Data for FoxPro Backup
  1. Click OK, and then continue creating a backup task as described in the User Manual.

This technique will copy all database content, including FoxPro memo backup. As an alternative, you can select and copy FoxPro files through the standard "Computer" plug-in as typical files with extensions "*.dbf" for databases, ".ndx" for indexes and different extensions for FoxPro memo backup, with filters.

Automatic FoxPro Recovery or Mirroring

To use all possibilities of Handy Backup with FoxPro, we recommend setting up a recovery task and selecting an advanced mode on Step 1. Then go to Step 2, open your storage with FoxPro backup and find the file backup.hbi inside. Select it and click "Next" to go step by step through task creation.

Automatic FoxPro Recovery or Mirroring

Note: If you want to mirror or to replicate your backup FoxPro database, please click the "Change location" button on Step 3. You will see a dialog for selecting a new location. Choose where to recover FoxPro backup, and then click OK to continue.

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Version 8.5.3 , built on March 5, 2024. 116 MB
30-day full-featured trial period

Use Handy Backup for convenient, reliable and quick FoxPro backup and recovery! Download a 30-day free trial edition with all features just now!

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