Hotbox Plug-in Hotbox cloud is the business-oriented cloud service provided by

The Hotbox plug-in allows Handy Backup using Hotbox accounts as both backup sources and storage destinations, using the own cloud’s API to access data.

Using the Hotbox Tool as Backup Data Source

To use the Hotbox backup plug-in for saving data from a particular account, please follow the instruction provided below:

  1. Make a new backup task, and go to the Step 2, where you must choose data to back up.
  2. Select the " Hotbox" option in the left panel (you will find the plug-in in the "Cloud" group).
Select Hotbox for backup data
  1. Add it to the list of data sources by clicking and select a configuration for backing up your data from a particular plug-in.
  2. If you still have no configuration to access your Hotbox account, click on the "Create a connection…" string.

    4.1. In the next dialog window, provide both access and secret keys for your Hotbox account, and give a name for this particular configuration to use it later on Steps 2 or 3.
Create a new Hotbox configuration for backup
  1. Return to data selection dialog. The program will test your new Hotbox connection.
  2. Click on your obtained Hotbox configuration to use it as data source.
  3. Select content from your account to backup by marking files and folders with checkboxes.
  4. Click OK to continue creating your tasks. Other steps of the task creation are unspecific for backing up from Hotbox cloud.

Backing up to Hotbox

If you want to use Hotbox as backup storage, select it on the Step 3 of the task creation wizard.

Backing up to Hotbox

In this situation, you may create a new account when accessing Hotbox. To do it, please follow the next brief instruction:

  • Click "Create an account" button in the Hotbox setup dialog.
  • A browser window will automatically open, when you can create a personal Hotbox account.
  • When finishing, return to the program and use your new account as storage.

Restoring Data from Hotbox Account

To restore data from Hotbox, please use the next sequence of actions.

  1. Open Handy Backup, create a new task and select a restoration task on the Step 1.
  2. On the Step 2, select the Hotbox plug-in and choose a configuration you need.
  3. Browse your Hotbox account content for a file called backup.hbi, an index file containing all necessary information about restoring data.
Restoring Data from Hotbox Account
  1. Select this file to restore your data to its original place.
  2. If you want to restore data from Hotbox to another location, click "Change Location".

    5.1.    Select a new location for your dataset to restore or clone it.
  3. Click OK and return to the task creation wizard.
  4. Continue creating the restoration task as described in the User Manual. These other steps are not specific by anyway for restoration from Hotbox cloud.

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