Reducing Backup Software Memory Usage

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Reducing memory usage for backup software is one of the vital needs for computers today. We tend to use more and more memory demanding applications for work and fun. Hence, there is a natural necessity in trying to spare system resources at the expense of service (e.g. backup) applications. Handy Backup 7 and newer versions feature reduced memory usage boosting the speed of backup operation and smoothing the performance of backing up.

Backup software is known to be kind of strategical for data security these days. But the importance of the software doesn’t mean it has to be consuming lots of system resources!

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There are two major approaches to reducing memory usage. The first one is to extend system resources by means of hardware updating. The second one is reducing memory usage via optimization and smart memory usage. Just like Handy Backup does.

Reduce Memory Usage of MySQL Backup

When we deal with back up of big files (such as MySQL databases) on the one hand we have to take care of system resources, on the other hand to minimize the time required. In case of reducing memory usage backup software RAM capacity is not such an important resource, because big files (during backup program work) are divided into small pieces, which are transferred one by one. And required time will depend only on RAM and CPU frequency and CPU caches.

Reduce Physical Memory Usage for Backup Software

An important issue of reducing memory usage is wise usage of physical storage memory. It has become rather natural to estimate free volume space in order to place backup there. However, it has also become a common practice for backup software solutions to require extra disk space for temporary files.

The highlighted software is a perfect example of the opposite, temp-file-curse-free strategy. It offers powerful functionality and works with memory cleverly: the handy utility helps to reduce both physical and Random Access memory usage. Basically, the featured utility doesn’t use temporary files. You don’t have to remove the software temp files, because generally there are no such. Plus, the software features an option of backup compression, which allows to reduce storage volume even more.

In addition to the above said, the presented software is Volume Shadow Copy backup software: it manages the backing up of locked and blocked files perfectly well (an extremely useful feature for Outlook hot backup, for example).

Reduce in memory usage for backup software allows you to free system resources without any must-do hardware updates and arrange data protection at the same time. Sounds like a data security strategy worth trying, isn’t it? (Think “Yes” and download now!)


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